Profile (English)


Aki Fujii has a vast repertoire, ranging from baroque to modern compositions. Her performances have been highly praised in respected music journals. She has been active not only as a soloist, but also as a chamber musician both in Japan and overseas in Europe. Since 2003 she has been a regular guest soloist every year with the Szolnok City Symphony Orchestra in Hungary.

Recently she has also taken on the challenge of conducting from the piano as well. She has performed all of Bach’s harpsichord concertos on a modern piano with the Tokyo Chamber Orchestra, and has been continuing the series with the Grazia Chamber Orchestra. As a chamber musician, she has earned the deep trust of internationally acclaimed artists all over the world. She has given several premier performances of works written for and dedicated to her, and has even collaborated with jazz pianists and composers. She has been featured prominently in the book “W100 ~Female Pianists across the genre” (Shinko Music Entertainment). After graduating from Tokyo University of the Arts, she completed her masters degree at the Hochshule für Musik und Theater München. Currently as a lecturer, she also fosters the development of young musicians at Seitoku University, music high school.